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“The Bomb” earns starred review by Kirkus

“A detailed, incisive picture of how U.S. presidents have thought about their most troubling responsibility: pushing ‘the button’ that could end civilization…a comprehensive review… well-written, exhaustively researched.”


“Killer High” featured in the New York Times

In a newly released book, “Killer High: A History of War in Six Drugs,” Peter Andreas, a professor of international studies at Brown University, has drawn from an impressive and eclectic mix of sources to give psychoactive and addictive drugs a fuller place in discussions of war.


“Dignity” named to WSJ’s Best Political Books of 2019

Mr. Arnade, formerly a bond trader on Wall Street, spent years traveling to America’s forgotten places and photographing their struggling but dignified inhabitants. “Dignity” contains autobiographical reflections on each place. It is a beautiful book.