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Kirkus Praises Davenport’s The Space Barons in Starred Review

Kirkus lauds Christian Davenport’s “lucid, detailed, and admiring account of wealthy space buffs who are spending their own money, making headlines, producing genuine technical advances, and resurrecting the yearning to explore the cosmos.”

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NYT Lauds Bergman’s Rise and Kill First

New York Times writer Jennifer Szalai writes, “What follows is an exceptional work, a humane book about an incendiary subject.¬†Blending history and investigative reporting, Bergman never loses sight of the ethical questions that arise when a state, founded as a refuge for a stateless people who were targets of a genocide, decides it needs to … [Read More]

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Harper’s praises Dan Pink’s When

Harper’s Bazaar praises Pink, “one of the few non-fiction authors alive today capable of filtering the work of so many scientific minds through his original human stories and onto the page. He is doggedly diligent in his academic research yet his examples are accessible‚Ķ Like a long walk with a good, funny, wise friend in … [Read More]