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“Rise and Kill First” wins National Jewish Book Award

“Gleaned through meticulous research and interviews with key players on both sides of the continual military struggle, [author Ronen] Bergman’s work is unquestionably authoritative. He succeeds masterfully in telling the tale of a nation reborn just seventy years ago, whose constant need to defend itself often brings it into conflict with principles of morality and democracy.”


Soledad O’Brien talks with Corey Brettschneider about “The Oath and the Office”

“I would say it’s a stress test on the Constitution, and that there isn’t anything that guarantees that these rights will remain. But I think [Trump] has really gone beyond any previous president in many of the statements he’s made in many of the proposals.”


“Can Democracy Work?” featured in the Washington Post

Virtually every political regime today claims to embody some form of democracy — and its diverse proponents, and its critics, have propagated many myths about it. Professor James Miller reveals five: #1—The United States revived and perfected democracy.