— About Us —

We are a literary agency based in the heart of Washington, D.C. and represent journalists, academics, thinkers, business writers, and novelists.

We work primarily with the large New York houses, focusing on upmarket nonfiction, business books, and commercial fiction.

In 2012, the Sagalyn Literary Agency formed a strategic alliance with ICM Partners, creating ICM/Sagalyn. More information on the relationship can be found on The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline.


Raphael Sagalyn

Raphael Sagalyn was born and raised in Western Massachusetts and attended Tufts University and the Radcliffe (now Columbia) Publishing Procedures Course. He worked for Pocket Books/Simon & Schuster, Beacon Press and Little, Brown before moving to Washington, DC to work for The New Republic. He started the agency in 1980 and his first author was Jim Trelease who had self-published a pamphlet extolling the virtues and pleasures of reading aloud to children and students. Penguin released THE READ ALOUD HANDBOOK in 1982 and it was an immediate bestseller after “Dear Abby” called it “the best lifetime gift a parent can give to a child.”

Brandon Coward - 1

Brandon Coward

Brandon Coward began his publishing career at Little, Brown as an assistant to the editor of Malcolm Gladwell, James Bradley, Jake Tapper, Evan Thomas, and many other bestselling authors. He is a native of central North Carolina, as well as a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill’s journalism school and the NYU Summer Publishing Institute. In a past life, he was a design/copy editor at a newspaper in Washington, D.C.


Jake DeBacher

Jake DeBacher is an editor, writer, and general book-lover from the Midwest. He received his BA in music theory and composition then moved to Washington, DC for an internship at The New Republic before joining ICM/Sagalyn.