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Rebel Mother: What It’s Like to Join a Revolution as a Five-Year-Old

Peter Andreas’s memoir ‘Rebel Mother’ relates an incredible childhood of communes and coups across the US and Latin America. All told, Andreas’s journey with his mom took him through a whirlwind of states, countries, homes, and schools between the ages of five and 11. There was the commune in Berkeley; the farm in Chile (when … [Read More]

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Bannon’s views inspired by The Fourth Turning’s warning: “Winter is Coming”

Neil Howe and William Strauss’ The Fourth Turning, a 1997 book that foresees a crisis on par with the Civil War, helps explain the basis of an “America First” agenda that Stephen K. Bannon has helped shape.

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Freaking out About Cyber? Read Kaplan’s Dark Territory

Osnos writes in the New Yorker “One of the most persistent challenges in this new era is, to put it bluntly, deciding how much to freak out.” Fred Kaplan’s “compelling history of cyberwarfare” describes how the head of the NSC  “had to shame his colleagues into paying attention.” Now, Osnos points out, “there remains, in political … [Read More]

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“John Maeda is to Design what Buffet is to Finance”

Maeda, a seasoned technologist who spent more than a decade at the MIT Media Lab before becoming president of RISD, a partner at VC powerhouse Kleiner Perkins, and now the head of computational design and inclusion at Automattic, travels to South By Southwest every year to deliver his Design in Technology report, a sprawling presentation that … [Read More]

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Neil Howe: Bannon’s Worldview Came from my Book

In their 1997 book The Fourth Turning, Neil Howe and William Strauss argued that American history unfolds in a recurring cycle of four-generation-long eras, including the fourth turning–a time of civic and political crisis. Steve Bannon was enthralled; he concluded that Strauss and Howe’s book predicted imminent apocalypse.

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Warren Buffett Praises Jack Bogle

“If a statue is ever erected to honor the person who has done the most for American investors, the hands- down choice should be Jack Bogle,” Buffett writes in his annual letter to shareholders. Bogle, who founded Vanguard in 1974, is the author of The Little Book of Common Sense Investing, The Battle for the … [Read More]

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Ian Bremmer Announces Top Risks of 2017

Bremmer, author of Superpower: Three Choices for America’s Role in the World, discusses the dangers of a G-zero world.

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Doug Lemov Profile

How ICM/Sagalyn client Doug Lemov is attempting to train a generation of globally competitive players—starting with their coaches. Be sure to read Doug’s response to the profile, including his disagreement with the title.

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Operation Red Falcon

In this remarkable feat of longform journalism, Ronen Bergman takes us inside Mossad as they handle a spy, groomed for over 20 years, in a high-ranking position of Syrian military leadership—but false intel leads Israel and Syria twice to the brink of war.