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“The Paladin” makes Apple’s Best of May list

The Paladin is a gritty and realistic thriller that paints a less-than-flattering picture of what really happens behind closed doors in the intelligence world. Don’t be surprised if by the end of Ignatius’ book, you’re resetting all of your passwords.”


“The Bomb” earns starred review from Kirkus

“A detailed, incisive picture of how U.S. presidents have thought about their most troubling responsibility: pushing ‘the button’ that could end civilization…a comprehensive review… well-written, exhaustively researched.”


“Killer High” featured in the New York Times

In a newly released book, “Killer High: A History of War in Six Drugs,” Peter Andreas, a professor of international studies at Brown University, has drawn from an impressive and eclectic mix of sources to give psychoactive and addictive drugs a fuller place in discussions of war.