— About Us —

We are a literary agency based in the heart of Washington, D.C. and represent journalists, academics, thinkers, business writers, and novelists.

We work primarily with the large New York houses, focusing on upmarket nonfiction, business books, and commercial fiction.

In 2012, the Sagalyn Literary Agency formed a strategic alliance with ICM Partners, creating ICM/Sagalyn. More information on the relationship can be found on The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline.

Raphael Sagalyn

Raphael Sagalyn was born and raised in Western Massachusetts and attended Tufts University and the Radcliffe (now Columbia) Publishing Procedures Course. He worked for Pocket Books/Simon & Schuster, Beacon Press and Little, Brown before moving to Washington, DC to work for The New Republic. Soon after its founding, the agency was fortunate to have four books on the bestseller list.  One was Robert Reich’s first book, THE NEXT AMERICAN FRONTIER, and another was Jim Trelease’s previously self-published pamphlet about reading-aloud to children, which became a huge bestseller after “Dear Abby” called  THE READ ALOUD HANDBOOK “the best lifetime gift a parent can give to a child.”
Sagalyn represents leading journalists, public intellectuals, business thinkers and novelists.  The agency’s list of recent bestsellers includes Robert Reich’s latest book, SAVING CAPITALISM, Katty Kay and Claire Shipman’s THE CONFIDENCE CODE, Erik Brynjolfsson and Andy McAfee’s THE SECOND MACHINE AGE, David Maraniss’s ONCE IN A GREAT CITY, David Ignatius’s thriller THE DIRECTOR, Rick Atkinson’s THE GUNS AT LAST LIGHT, and Greg McKeown’s ESSENTIALISM, among others.
Early in his career, Sagalyn wrote and packaged two books.  The first, THE GREAT AMERICAN WEB BOOK, a guide to the government’s services on the internet, was honored as one of the year’s best reference books by the New York Public Library. The second was a guide to the great national parks and forests and wildlife refuges and other public places in the U.S, titled UNCLE SAM’S GUIDE TO THE GREAT OUTDOORS.
Rafe Sagalyn is married to Anne Sagalyn, a physician on the faculty of the George Washington University School of Medicine, and they are the proud parents of daughters Rebecca and Erica.